Establish a connection!

Encourage people to give more with pickablue

People are more willing to donate to things they feel connected to. Whether it’s an endangered animal or plant species, the restoration of a cultural monument or people in need. Pickablue lets you connect directly with your donors and inform them in real time about the success of a fundraising appeal.
pickablue – make things talk!

Become a sponsor with a single “pick”

When lots of small donations are combined, they can quickly turn into something big.
pickablue is the smart way to generate more donations.
Establish a connection!
Take the zoo as an example: visitors can easily pick up cards of the zoo’s animals with their smartphones and donate small amounts. As a thank you, the zoo has the option of providing all sponsors with regular “news”. Updating individual card content can be done easily using a smartphone.
Save paper
pickablue has strongly supported us with its pilot project and we will continue to use the service in the coming years.
Dr. Alexander Ferenli
Opel Zoo