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Digital impulses for tourism and culture

pickablue provides new impulses in the culture and tourism sectors. With minimal cost and effort you can compile individual digital information packs for your visitors, which they can access directly on site. Your guests value personal advice and appreciate digital content which is straightforward and easy to consume. 

With pickablue you can provide your printed flyers in an additional digital format and easily enhance them with attractive video and audio data. Other practical features such as online map services are already included.

Digital Tourist Information

It couldn’t be more individual: tourism professionals can put together an individual itinerary for each visitor in a matter of seconds and link it to a tourist card. In addition, “card stacks” can be created for specific groups, such as families with children. After looking round a medieval castle, for example, it’s suggested the visitors might like to go on a canoe trip and they can start the navigation with a single click.
Use pickablue to enhance your range of tourist services by adding an extra digital component.nte! 

Digital Vouchers

Offer incentives and attract visitors to your products and services. Providers of cultural and leisure experiences can catch people’s attention with digital vouchers. pickablue vouchers can be validated by simply clicking a button, making them very simple to use. At the same time, creating a digital voucher is as easy as ABC.
With pickablue statistics you receive updated daily feedback on how many visitors have redeemed a voucher. No personal data is stored in the process because it goes without saying that pickablue complies with data protection laws. (privacy by design)

Digital Tourist Guides

Breathe life into art objects and offer your visitors fascinating audio guides with pickablue. Language, sounds, animations, videos  – use the whole spectrum of available options to bring your objects to life and create new and exciting perspectives. Provide visitors with a digital tourist guide that will surprise them with irresistible anecdotes.
Provide visitors with a digital tourist guide that will surprise them with irresistible anecdotes.
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pickablue convinced us right away. We cannot start digitizing our showrooms smarter.
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