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pickablue – and your product explains itself!

With pickablue, searching for the user manual is a thing of the past, as it can be attached directly to the product or its packaging. Use smart video cards to explain the configuration and functions of your product or how to install spare parts. . pickablue makes it incredibly simple to create an interactive user manual and this service feature will make you stand out from the competition. Use pickablue to establish a direct digital connection which will last throughout your product’s entire life cycle and jump start your replacement parts business.
pickablue – make things talk!

pickablue manuals:
Always on hand!

The smart, weatherproof pickablue stickers with integrated NFC chip are ideal for attaching to products. By simply touching them with their smartphone, customers can get exactly the help they need, even in emergencies.
Use this smart service as a unique selling point and create a bridge to your customers!

Step by step – the better explanation

Instructions for technical products often lead to frustration on the part of the customer. With pickablue you now have the opportunity of getting customers fired up about your product as well as giving them a very clear idea about how it works. With our video cards you can break down even the most complex processes into small units, so that your customers can follow every step.

With pickablue you can also … 

... train your staff

Would you like to use in-house training to improve your employees’ consultative skills? Link your products to powerful selling points and service advantages that will encourage your customers to buy from you. Your staff can open the videos straight from the product and build their knowledge.

... boost your post-sales business

Once a purchase is completed, pickablue cards serve as a direct line to the retailer: spare parts, servicing and accessories are all linked to the purchased product and can be enquired about and ordered via the cards.

... inform customers

Inform your customers about things like discounts, suitable accessories or the next service appointment via push message (subject to customer consent).

… advertise sustainably

With pickablue, retailers can abandon expensive, paper-based product information and thus set an example for the environment.
Save paper
Seit dem wir mit pickablue unsere Produkte erklären, ist die Kundenzufriedenheit merklich gestiegen.
Leslie Morrison